Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Arsenal – Disappointing. Match Report and Player Ratings.

I said before the game that a draw today would be devastating to our title challenge, and could cost us victory against Barcelona. But lets hope I’m proved wrong on the latter two.

Today was our 42nd game of the season, (not including pre-season), and we have another 12 premiership games, the Carling Cup final, up to 4 more in the FA Cup, up to 6 more in the Champions League all still to be played. That means that we could play up to 65 games this season. The last thing that we wanted today was to add more games onto our already-busy schedule, and maybe more importantly, play a game 90 minutes before the return leg at Barcelona.

Match Report
Arsenal got off to a great start, having the majority of possession and a good few chances early on. Chamakh, Bendtner and Arshavin having the best of these. Chamakh missed an easy tap in after Gibbs managed to play a fantastic ball across the face of the goal.

Rosicky scored the goal for Arsenal on the 52nd minute, laying his head onto a Bendtner cross.

Arsenal still looked the more likely to score again, creating more chances but failing to find the net. On the 89th minute, Jonathan Tehoue slot a ball through Almunia’s legs.

Player Ratings
Almunia – 5; Once again showing the Arsenal faithful that he simply isn’t good enough to be our No 1. I’m happy we’ve got Szczesny to rely on against Stoke and Birmingham this week.
Sagna – 7; Enjoyed being back on the pitch after his suspension midweek. Kept running and offered a wide attacking option for Arsenal.
Squillaci – 7; Did well over the 90 minutes, few mistakes.
Miquel – 6; Got out-muscled and out-played for the O’s goal, but overall a good debut for the young Spaniard.
Gibbs – 6.5; Along with Miquel, partly to blame for the goal, but did well down the left wing.
Rosicky – 7; Did well for the goal and had a good passing game.
Denilson – 6.5; Attempted 133 passes today, but gave the ball away unnecessarily from time-to-time.
A Song – 6; The only player who played against Barca, didn’t have a great game. Gave the ball away far too often.
Arshavin – 7; Very creative, looks like he’s slowly but surely getting back to form.
Chamakh – 5.5; I didn’t rate Chamakh’s performance today. The whole point of a striker is to finish the opportunities you’re given, and he didn’t do that.
Bendtner – 6; I’m still not entirely convinced that he enjoys playing on the wing.

My opinion
Why didn’t Wenger make any subs? Why wasn’t Fabregas or Nasri brought on at the 60th minute to bulk up our attack and maybe get the 2nd goal we needed.

Chamakh and Bendtner were poor at finishing today. We had many chances to kill the game off, but they both failed to do what they were put on the pitch to do. Disappointing.

Almunia showed today why he should be allowed nowhere near our goal posts. Szczesny should be No1 and Fabianski should be the back-up. Simple as.

Miquel had a good debut, I honestly think this kid has the potential to become the new Puyol or Pique.

I was quite surprised to see Song have such a poor game. He gave the ball away far too often. Perhaps he needs a little rest.

Stoke on Wednesday. Come on you Gunners!


9 Responses to “Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Arsenal – Disappointing. Match Report and Player Ratings.”

  1. Aussie Jack Says:

    I`ve asked the same question. Why didn`t Wenger close the game down in the last twenty minutes? If it wasn`t Arsenal I`d be suspicious of the result. Talking of which. Being as the FA Cup is a knockout competition should we not have played extra time and a penalty shoot out like Chelsea and Everton? Maybe I`ve lost the plot.

  2. nicky Says:

    It’s no good having the possession and passing ability, Arsenal showed today, UNLESS an end product can be achieved. There is something lacking in the coaching system. Extra unwanted games are building up but the team today should be good enough to win the replay on the Emirates’ bigger and better surface. Then leave the first team to sort out the Manchester strugglers.
    Miquel had an impressive debut and has a bright future.

  3. T2T Says:

    Let’s hope that if AW is able to separate the 2 teams such that the extra game doesn’t influence the 1st team, it’ll allow these players to get more games.
    Squillaci was, for me, disappointing. Sagna, Miquel, Gibbs and Arshavin did OK, Rosicky was OK in 2nd half. This must have been the worst performance by Song in a really long time.

  4. sk Says:

    easy people !! A replay will please all the reserves and one regular or 2 ! So enjoy life a bit more and I’ll be looking forward to the show that is awaiting us !!

  5. mido Says:

    this 1st 2nd team isnt working 4 us guys as no 1 seem to enjoy beeing in it let alone try to use it to go back to the 1st one,and the reason is quiet simple:our 2nd team today barr almunia the CB`s and denilson are all internationals so beeing 2nd best is not enough 4`em.ps miquel did more than ok 4 his 1st test and gibs should`ve foul their striker on the edge of the area but??

  6. Andre K Says:

    @Aussie Jack: The Chelsea – Everton match was a FA Cup 4th round replay, hence the extra time and shoot out.

  7. lawafc Says:

    A replay is no bad thing!
    apart from sagna, arshavin and song, the rest of the team today need more, not less, game time.
    no disrepect to Orient but we are going to win the replay. rest the three above. give walcott, nasri, RvP and eboue and half each. If we can outpass them on that mud heap then we MUST murder them on our pitch.

    there were lessons leant today though.
    denilson, Squillaci, Rosicky will never be anything more than back up
    almunia should be allowed to go
    Bendtner and Chamack need match paractice badly before they can think of being on the first tem. PLus we should never play both together. Bendtner is NOT a winger. We needed pace out there today. 10 mins of Theo or Samir and we would have cruised that match!!

  8. enyah Says:

    Chamakh had his form of his life during the early stage of the premier league, he is actually not as good as most of us thought.

    Yes Denilson is a piece of shit.

  9. Aussie Jack Says:

    Andre K….Thanks for that I`m getting confused with the Champions League. There seem to be so many competitions now, in my day there was only two.

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